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Route1Reads 2021

Shale Play - cover of Route1Reads 2021 bookRoute1Reads connects literature to place by highlighting a book from each of the East Coast states/commonwealths that can be traveled by US Route 1, the longest north-south road in the United States. This collaborative project among the network of East Coast Center for the Book affiliate states includes subjects and genres that span everything from good eats and medical histories, to travelogues and mysteries.

This year’s theme is: Poetry. Pennsylvania’s 2021 Route1Reads pick is Shale Play: Poems and Photographs from the Fracking Fields, by poet Julia Spicher Kasdorf and photographer Steven Rubin.

This multidisciplinary work is a lush, sweeping journey through the Pennsylvania landscapes and communities that experience fracking. Told from multiple points-of-view, Shale Play delivers the unflinching realities of this growing industry with breathtaking affect through the voices of documentary poems in dialogue with multidimensional, investigatory photographs. The cumulative, poetic-visual narrative humanizes this contentious issue and deepens understanding via powerful aesthetics and well-researched facts.

Official 2021 Route1Reads announcements are forthcoming...

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