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A Vibrant Woman

—for Norma Flanagan

Norma Flanagan’s dimpled smile blooms
like a flower opening to the sun.
I love the outdoors and I love sports!  
Tomboy Norma roller-skated the narrow 
Stanton Heights streets of Pittsburgh, 

discovered tennis, skiing, boating, 
waterskiing when she met her husband, Jim, 
a great guy, an outdoorsman. Norma liked him
right off the bat. Why? Because he ignored me! 
Dark eyes beam, dimples deepen. 

Her gold rings gleam as she touches her lips, 
remembering, and cups the gold cross, heart,
and angel’s wing hanging from a fine chain,
remembering, too, sunlit weekends with their 
son, daughter, and friends on the Allegheny.

As weather warms, she is keen for walks 
in the budding air, and, when window visits 
and family Zooms finally end, more games 
of cut-throat Scrabble. Her son warns,
Don’t show her your hand! 

Norma chuckles. He’s got my number, 
but I wouldn’t trade him for anything

Until then, she finds peace in daily devotionals, 
delight in watching the birds at the feeders. 
Especially the cardinals!

©2021 by Mary Rohrer-Dann