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Route1Reads 2020

Route1Reads Book Cover Image - PARoute1Reads connects literature to place by highlighting a book from each of the East Coast states/commonwealths that can be traveled by US Route 1, the longest north-south road in the United States. This collaborative project among the network of affiliate East Coast State Centers for the Book includes subjects and genres that span everything from good eats and medical histories, to travelogues and mysteries.

This year’s theme is: Historical Fiction. Pennsylvania’s 2020 Route1Reads pick is Carnegie's Maid by Pennsylvania author Marie Benedict. Benedict weaves a romantic, secret-laden tale through the letters of an 1863 Irish immigrant who forges her way to prosperity as a maid in the household of Pittsburgh industrialist, Andrew Carnegie. Often likened to the popular TV series Downton Abbey, Carnegie's Maid muses on the personal influences that transformed Carnegie into a leading US philanthropist

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The official 2020 Press Release can be found here.