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Lillian Estelle Fisher has written many books that focus on Latin American culture. She was born in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, but she eventually moved to California to earn her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Her books were the first written in English on the subject of Latin America. She died in 1988.


Lillian Estelle Fisher was born in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, on May 1, 1891. Her parents were George P. Fisher, a farmer, and Etta R. Fisher.

Fisher attended Susquehanna University and graduated with an AB, cum maxima laude, in 1912. She received an MA from the University of Southern California in 1918. In 1924, she earned a PhDfrom the University of California, Berkley. She became an instructor in history at Whittier College in 1925. Her first book, Viceregal Administration in the Spanish American Colonies, was published in 1926.

Fisher's books focus on the history and people of Latin America, which up until her time were primarily written in Spanish. In The Last Inca Revolt, 1780—1783 (1966), Fisher portrays the importance and circumstances of the greatest Inca uprising against the Spanish in South America. Champion of Reform(1955) is the biography of Manuel Abad y Queipo, a Spanish ecclesiastic in Mexico. Her biography of Abad y Queipo was the first full-length book about his life and achievements.

Fisher died in Moraga, California, on May 4, 1988.

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Author and historian Lillian Fisher was born in Selinsgrove in 1891.

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