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Literary & Cultural Heritage Maps of PA

Use the Biography Search Bar, above, to find the biography of a specific literary or cultural figure, or to search biographies by the categories indicated by each field. Use the Feature Articles Search Bar to find a specific article or to search by keyword or County.

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This third edition of the PA Center for the Book’s Literary & Cultural Heritage Maps of PA—originally one map launched in 2000 as the first to replace paper literary maps published by English teachers across the nation (see PA's 1959 paper map)—introduces five geospatial displays of short biographies and feature articles:

1) Literary Map – short bios of writers displayed by genre
2) Literary & Cultural Map – short bios of literary & cultural figures displayed by vocation
3) Chronological Literary Map – short bios of writers displayed chronologically
4) Chronological Cultural Map – short bios of cultural figures displayed chronologically
5) Feature Map – feature articles on notable landmarks & events

These five maps link to rich resources, many written by Penn State students and local writers, provide several modes of exploring the social context of PA’s literary & cultural history, and are designed to contribute to PA and national core 4-12 curriculum when paired with corresponding lesson plans.

Please note that geographical locations are best estimates based on vetted sources and the capabilities of the technology available to map developers at the time of development.